Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
Benefits of an Effective Food Safety Management System:

On remote site catering operations Is considered to be critical to occupational health planning, particularly where there are limited medical facilities.

On oil & gas exploration, development and construction projects is also critical to occupational health planning as thousands of meals per day can be served in large caring facilities on just one site.

Results in economic benefits through less down time and less strain on medical facilities due to preventable work related foodborne illness when built into the planning of new projects.

Is critical to occupational health planning and well being of operators and contractors staff involved in upstream / downstream / onshore / offshore projects and operations, particularly catering facilities in remote locations or where local standards are not ideal.

● Clarifies corporate expectations for supply chain management, contractors, caterers and the role of HSE staff, Health Advisor & Medics in the management of food safety in onshore & offshore facilities.

Enables catering subcontractor performance to be measured and managed against agreed standards when planned well in advance of contract execution.

Acknowledges the role of design and maintenance of catering facilities in food safety management for the prevention of foodborne illness.

● Contributes to the HSE goal of 'No Harm to People' by the prevention of work related foodborne illness when identified within the Health Risk Assessment at the earliest stage of a project or operation.

● Allows an action tracking system to be used to the same effect and in the same way as Health & Safety performance is monitored.

● Is therefore an integral part of preventative health program which can be applied to the management of all facilities where food is prepared, served or consumed whether onshore or offshore.

Is most effective when a food safety specialist in the HSE Team is involved in planning, development and implementation.

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