Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
  • On what basis do you work?

    A client may have a special project that needs developing, implementing or managing, has a management gap that needs filling urgently. e.g. a key manager on leave, a gap that needs filling whilst a permanent replacement is found or a special project.

    New situations are regularly faced where  a substantial amount of information needs to be understood in a very short space of time - and  the correct decision or recommendations made. An immediate impact can be made without the usual honeymoon / induction period. 

    Working as an Independent Contractor or Consultant, contracts can be for a few days to complete a specific piece of work (e.g a series of food safety audits or a training course) to longer periods of rotational working (e.g 6/2 for a specific project). Work can be completed either direct or though a specialist recruitment agency serving the oil and gas industry.

    How is this charged?

    There is a fixed daily rate for each day worked, plus an element for expenses avoiding costs such as national insurance, holidays, sickness, training, administration, pensions and other benefits.

    Where work is completed through an agency, they usually take responsibility for transport, logistics, health insurance and payroll.

    Please Note: This is NOT an interim management and recruitment agency but as a food safety advisor, an interim role can be performed for clients.

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