Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
  • E&P sector - what type of projects have you completed?

    A number of projects have already been completed:

    Planning, review, development and implementation of food safety standards and audit systems for monitoring of catering operations by a major operator

    Food safety management plan at country / regional level

    Food Safety Advisor for a construction yard building a gas production platform with catering facilities preparing and serving meals for 3,500 staff.

    Offshore and onshore food safety audits of catering operations using systems developed for the E&P sector.

    Certificated food safety training and practical food safety audit training for HSE staff including qualified doctors and nurses in occupational health.

    Mobilisation of caterers into onshore operations & projects and offshore operation.

    Food safety and catering input in the tender review and evaluation process in conjunction with supply chain management.

    Re-organisation and upgrade of existing catering facilities and development of plans for new catering facilities.

    Project team for the design of new catering and office facilities.

    Review and update of Water Quality Management Program for potable water.

    Investigation of food safety incidents.

    Working with operators, contractors and caterers staff including OIM's, HSE Team, Contracts, Projects, Construction, Commissioning, Operations, Camp Bosses.............

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