Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
  • Subcontracting - Will you work for other consultants and organisations?

    Yes - Projects and other work are accepted from other organisations and individual consultants who need to supplement their own resources to implement or complete a specific food safety or quality contract / project.

    Over the last 10 years, a number of other organisations have been helped to deliver a variety of projects including:
    Development, training, implementation and monitoring of food safety across multiple industrial catering sites and subcontractors.

    Advice on the use and practical application of alternative technologies to cook-chill for use in a new in-flight airline catering facility.

    Providing technical support for the design and layout  of catering facilities and high risk chilled foods factory.

    Technical support on behalf of investment companies / banks to carry out technical, market and commercial assessments to assess food industry investment projects.

    Completing a  food safety survey on behalf of the UK Food Standards Agency

    Undertaking food safety audits of foodservice & catering operations, food manufacturers and supermarkets.

    Providing a local / regional resource for companies holding an auditing contract

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