Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
  • Why do we need to consider food safety?

    Everyone involved in the contracting or operation of catering facilities has a responsibility to ensure food and water is safe. E&P operations and projects are often in places which are not ideal or where local standards are different to those in the UK. This sometimes means that more thought needs to be given to food safety to get the round the local limitations.

    The purpose of food safety & water management programs are to ensure that agreed standards of food safety and food hygiene are achieved across all sites to reduce the risk of work related foodborne illness.

    A formal preventative food safety & water management based on the principles of HACCP is relevant to both operators and contractors as part of the occupational health program

    Food safety expertise can work within the Occupational Health / HSE team to :

    Develop, implement or improve food safety & potable water management programs for your project or operation.

    Define and document food safety & potable water standards for onshore and / or offshore facilities.

    Work with supply chain management and managers accountable for catering contracts.

    Define food safety management monitoring / audit programs.

    Visit catering sites to assess facility standards and catering staff behaviours

    Prioritise issues and provide inspection reports

    Support catering subcontractors and contract holders by helping to identify solutions

    Implement an ongoing food safety audit program

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