Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
How do you Implement a Food Safety Management System?

This is written from an operators perspective but is also relevant to contractors and caterers.

Define and Agree food safety policy at corporate level

Introduce food safety expertise into your HSE team

Define and Document food safety & water standards for onshore & offshore facilities

Define and Document food safety & water standards for subcontractors

Define food safety & water management monitoring / audit programs

Engage the support of supply chain & managers accountable for catering contracts.

Agree food safety & water standards in catering & other relevant contracts

Provide food safety training for HSSE & Health Advisors who are expected to audit / advise caterers.

Identify the location of sites where food is prepared and / or served

Integrate food safety standards and monitoring activities into local HSE systems

Visit catering sites to assess facility standards and catering staff behaviours

Prioritise issues and provide inspection reports

Support catering subcontractors and contract holders by helping to identify solutions

Re-visit catering sites and Monitor improvements

Implement an ongoing food safety audit program

Involve food safety expertise when planning new onshore or offshore catering facilities

Consider food safety and catering in Management of Change activities

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