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Guide on Safe Food for Travellers

The advice given in this guide is important for every traveller, and of particular importance for high-risk groups.

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Guide on Safe Food for Travellers

Foodborne Disease Outbreaks - Guidelines for Investigation and Control

Acute diarrhoeal illness is very common worldwide and estimated to account for 1.8 million childhood deaths annually, predominantly in developing countries. While not all gastro-enteritis is foodborne, and not all foodborne diseases cause gastroenteritis, food does represent an important vehicle for pathogens of substantial public health significance.

Too often, outbreaks of foodborne disease go unrecognised or unreported or are not investigated. Many resources are available for the investigation of foodborne disease outbreaks, but few are directed at developing countries. These guidelines are intended to serve as general introduction and practical aid to the identification, investigation and control of foodborne disease outbreaks in a variety of settings.

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Foodborne Disease Outbreak Guidelines