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ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Training

ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System Lead Auditor Course is organised in partnership with IQ Management Systems. (Registration Number IRCA A17362)

ISO 22000:2005 is the internationally recognised standard that defines the parameters for an effective food safety management system based on Haccp. More and more organisations in the food sector are encouraging their suppliers to demonstrate compliance to this standard, and this is creating a demand for trained and competent ISO 22000:2005 auditors.

This intensive, challenging and highly interactive ISO 22000:2005 training program organised by our partners IQ Management Systems is for those people who require an in-depth understanding of the International Food Safety Management System Standard ISO 22000:2005, and the range of auditing techniques and protocols associated with the lead auditor role in the food sector.

We hold course in the UK or can hold courses at a location or country of your choice. IRCA requirements are for a maximum of 10 people with one tutor.

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The case study considers how this can be looked at as a Management of Change activity. This isn't the usual interpretation but one which is still valid as a failure to take into consideration catering when project planning can have a significant impact on workforce productivity and health.

Management of Change Case Study

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