Food Safety Technical Support, Audits & Training for Oil and Gas Operators, Contractors & Caterers
Food Safety Technical Support

Food Safety Management

Are you an operator, contractor or caterer who needs needs to plan, develop, implement or improve a food safety & potable water management programs based on Haccp within your HSE system for your project or operation?

Everyone involved in the contracting or operation of catering facilities has a responsibility to ensure food and water is safe.

The purpose of food safety & water management programs are to ensure that agreed standards of food safety and food hygiene are achieved across all sites to reduce the risk of work related foodborne illness.

E&P operations and projects are often in places where local food safety standards are not ideal. This sometimes means that more thought needs to be given to food safety to compensate for local limitations.

A formal preventative food safety & water management based on the principles of HACCP is relevant to both operators and contractors as part of the occupational health program. We can provide practical 'hands on' help to develop and implement a food safety system within your occupational health plan.

Food safety expertise can work within the Supply Chain, Occupational Health / HSE team to :

Plan develop, implement or improve food safety & potable water management programs for your project or operation.
Define and document food safety & potable water standards for onshore and / or offshore facilities.
Define the accountability
Work with supply chain management and managers accountable for catering contracts.
Define food safety management monitoring / audit programs
Visit catering sites to assess facility standards and catering staff behaviours
Prioritise issues and provide inspection reports
Support catering subcontractors and contract holders by helping to identify solutions
Implement an ongoing food safety audit program

Food Safety Incident Investigations

Do you need a specialist Food Safety Advisor in your HSE team to identify the root causes of a food safety incident?

Food or water can sometimes be implicated when several people become ill at the same time.
● Incidents can occur even when food safety systems are in place due to lapses in procedure
Foodborne illness is more likely if a food safety management program is not in place
An investigation to identify the root cause requires an understanding of catering operations
An understanding of food safety management systems and food hygiene are also required
Food safety expertise can be brought into the investigation team
Recommendations from the investigation may also require food safety expertise.

Food Safety Audits

Are you an operator, contractor or caterer who needs to verify food safety standards and implementation of Haccp in catering facilities, kitchens or galleys onshore or offshore on oil platforms / rigs?

Food safety audits like other HSE audits are designed to demonstrate conformance with a specific standard
Food safety audits can be applied to all types of industrial catering and foodservice operations.
● The effectiveness of food safety management within an overall HSE plan can be audited
Based on principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Systems)
Food safety also includes potable water
Onshore and offshore facilities can be audited
Include subcontractors responsible for facilities management
Deficiencies and weaknesses are identified on site, discussed and documented.
A realistic appraisal of suppliers or a clients own operations which is based on industrial experience. 
Can provide a technical justification for capital expenditure.

Technical Evaluations & Tender Review

Does your supply chain management system require a technical food safety evaluation of potential catering, foodservice or facilities management contractors?

Working with contract holders, supply chain management and HSE staff
A technical evaluation is completed to assess food safety management systems prior to awarding a catering contract.
The objective is to assess if each company in the tender process has the appropriate food safety systems.
Minimises the risk of food safety incidents occurring after the contract has been awarded
Food safety requirements and objectives can be part of the tender document and contract.
The technical evaluation can be considered with the commercial / cost evaluation.
The technical evaluation may also involve food safety audits of catering premises.
Ensures that contracts are not awarded purely on the basis of cost.

Mobilisation of Caterers

Do you need help to ensure the successful changeover to a new contractor?

Successful mobilisation of a new contractor requires an input from both sides
The changeover from one caterer to another requires careful planning
A 'hands on' approach to management of change activities gives the best results
Helps to raise the profile of facilities related issues which are outside the control of the caterer
Ensures successful implementation of food safety programs.

For more information

Do you need an experienced food safety advisor to supplement your own resources or work within your HSE team to plan, develop, implement or manage a special food safety project in E&P operations or projects for onshore or offshore oil and gas installations as part of your HSE plan?

Are an operator, contractor or caterer involved in projects or operations
Are responsible for HSE teams
Have responsibility for contracting, managing, designing or monitoring catering operations

Need to plan, develop, implement or improve food safety management programs
Need food safety or catering expertise to investigate food safety or food quality issues
Need to consider food safety in the design of new facilities or upgrading of existing facilities
Require monitoring of existing catering suppliers or subcontractors
Need to assess the status off current caterers
Need a technical evaluation of tenders or potential catering subcontractors
Need  to organise Food Safety or Haccp training

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